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Prof. Robert J. (Yisrael) Aumann Prof. Robert J. (Yisrael) Aumann
Winner of the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, 2005

Professor Emeritus at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He joined the Institute of Mathematics at the University in 1956, and in 1990 was among the founders of the Center for the Study of Rationality there. He received the Nobel Prize in Economics along with Prof. Thomas Schelling for having enhanced the understanding of conflict and cooperation through game-theory analysis.

Prof. Aumann is an internationally known figure in the area of game theory and was instrumental in its becoming one of the important tools in modern economics. He used mathematical means for the development of his understandings and theories and developed exact definitions which in turn led to exact conclusions. He was the first to conduct a full-fledged formal analysis of what are called infinitely repeated games. His research identified exactly what outcomes can be upheld over time in long-term relationships. Game theory has found usage in other areas, including computer science and evolutionary biology.

Prof. Aumann was born in 1930 in Frankfurt, Germany and earned his doctorate in 1955 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
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