Nobel at HU

Nobel at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Nobel Prizes and the Fields Medal in Mathematics won by graduates and staff members of the University

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is Israels first university, the foundations of which go back to 1918 and the formal opening on Mount Scopus to 1925. It is Israels leading institution of higher education and multi-disciplinary research and is ranked by international ranking surveys among the worlds top 100 universities.

The University has close to 100 research centers in which some 4,000 research programs are carried out in all areas of human knowledge. The Universitys researchers are to be found at the forefront of world research and conduct wide-ranging work within the international scientific and academic communities.

The Universitys researchers receive approximately one-third of all of the competitive research grants awarded annually in Israel and are the leaders among recipients of prestigious international research grants.

Yissum, the Universitys technology transfer company, has registered some 6,100 patents on more than 1.750 inventions by University researchers in all areas of technology and biotechnology. About a third of these patents have been converted into commercial applications.
An expression of the Universitys high level and quality of its research can be seen in the top prizes and awards won by its researchers, capped by the Nobel Prizes and the Fields Medal in Mathematics won by graduates and staff members of the University.
Nobel Prizes :
   Prof. Robert J. (Yisrael) Aumann
   Prof. Albert Einstein
   Prof. David Gross
   Prof. Avram Hershko
   Prof. Ada E. Yonath
   Prof. Daniel Kahneman
   Prof. Aaron Ciechanover
   Prof. Roger D. Kornberg
Fields Medal in Mathematics :
   Prof. Elon Lindenstrauss
  The Hebrew University of Jerusalem